MLAR VOL. 3, NO 2 (2020)


Steve Gennaro, Blair Miller
Critical Media Literacy in the Googleburg Galaxy

Erika Moravčíková
Media Manipulation and Propaganda in the Post-Truth Era

Jos van Helvoort, Marianne Hermans
Effectiveness of Educational Approaches to Elementary School Pupils (11 or 12 Years Old) to Combat Fake News

Sláva Gracová, Ľubica Bôtošová, Martin Graca, Andrej Brník
Comparison of Television Broadcasting for Children and Youth in a Public Broadcaster in the Slovak and Czech Republic During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Petra Polievková
Family Socioeconomic Status and Parents’ Education as Indicators of the Primary Use of Digital Media by Children

William Mel C. Paglinawan
University Students Engagement With and Disengagement from Fake News

Vladimíra Hladíková
Mobbing and Cybermobbing: Risk Aspects of (Digital) Communication in the Workplace and Possibilities of Legislative and Non- Legislative Protection Under the Conditions of the Slovak Republic

Derya Gül Ünlü, Oya Morva
Whose Information Should Be Shared with Whom?: Parents’ Awareness of Children’s Digital Privacy in Turkey

Zora Hudíková, Hana Pravdová
Establishment of Procedures in the Creation of Extended Multimedia News Reports

Tahreem Noor Khan
The Usage of Social Media Tools By Islamic Banks in Pakistan and the UAE

Stephen Ogheneruro Okpadah
The Imperative of Television in Nigerian Politics

Media Literacy and Academic Research
Vol. 3, No. 2, December 2020
ISSN: 2585-8726 (print version)
ISSN: 2585-9188 (online version)
EV 4956/14