MLAR VOL. 5, NO 1 (2022)

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Danielle T. Ligocki
Do We Dare Question Kindness? The Commodification of Becoming a Strong, Kind Female

Jana Radošinská, Lucia Magalová
Supes, Inc.: Episodic Television Drama The Boys, Antiheroism and Society of Performance

Ana F. Oliveira
“Exploring Adolescents’ Notions and Perceptions of Citizenship and Media Literacy in Formal Education Settings through the Creation of Digital Narratives

Sabína Gáliková Tolnaiová, Slavomír Gálik
Epistemic and Ethical Risks of Media Reporting in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as Challenges for the Development of Journalistic Practice

Dana Raluca Buturoiu, Nicoleta Corbu, Mădălina Boțan
Profiles of News Consumption in a High-Choice Media Environment: Evidence from Romania

Slavka Pitoňáková, Eva Augustínová
The Present and the Prospect of Increasing Literacy in the Field of Cultural Heritage

Lucia Škripcová
Media Literacy in Digital Games

Erika Moravčíková
The Contexts of Hyperconsumerist Culture and Social Media Platforms

Vitor Tomé, Belinha de Abreu
Crossing Steam and Media Literacy at Preschool and Primary School Levels: Teacher Training, Workshop Planning, its Implementation, Monitoring and Assessment

Anna Hurajová, Vladimíra Hladíková
Educating for Good Character: from Critical Thinking to Intellectual Character Virtues

Yuliia Sazonova
Inventions in Media Education with the Use of the Innovative Technologies (with the Example of Teaching the Discipline “History of Journalism”)

Ali Ab Ul Hassan, Zahid Javed, Moona Fazal, Akash Arshad
Children’s Rights through the Eye of the Pakistani Press: an Analysis of Print Media

Aarthy Chellasamy, Shaeril Michael Almeida, G S Prakasha, Aishwarya Nagarathinam, Sangeetha Rangasamy
Social Media Disengagement Among Gen Y and Gen Z: a Quantitative Investigation

Media Literacy and Academic Research
Vol. 5, No. 1, April 2022
ISSN: 2585-9188
EV 4956/14

Faculty of Mass Media Communication
University of SS.Cyril and Methodius in Trnava
Námestie Jozefa Herdu 2
917 01 Trnava