Media Literacy and Academic Research recognizes the value and importance of the peer reviewers as of a primary source of quality assurance in the overall publication process. As a peer-reviewed journal, Media Literacy and Academic Research keeps looking for the professionals to provide thoughtful critiques and feedback to the authors of the papers and thus also contribute to a higher level and credibility of the periodical.

In general, the reviewers are expected to:

  • have at least 3 years of experience and be familiar with media education, media literacy or massmedia communications
  • have completed 3rd ┬álevel of university education (PhD.)
  • active publication work
  • work in educational or scientific-research institution

The review process is double-blind that is, the reviewer does not know who the paper author is neither does the author know who has reviewed the paper. The reviews are expected to be completed within a two weeks period after the receipt of the paper. The applicants for a position of a reviewer in Media Literacy and Academic Research will contact the editorial board via e-mail