MLAR VOL.2, NO 2 (2019)



Magdalena Kaltseis
Cold And Distant Or Hearty And Human? The Visual Portrayal Of Vladimir Putin On Russian Television 

Monika Prostináková Hossová, Magdaléna Švecová
Challenges And Limits Of Current Student Magazine Production – Case Study

Oh Hui Kun, Shahreen Mat Nayan
Jom Main! (Let’s Play!): Promoting The Values Of Malaysia Traditional Children’s Games Through The Media

Diana Bulganová, Viera Kačinová
Axiocentric Teaching And Learning About Media In The Context Of School Practice 

Mariana Kitsa, Iryna Mudra
Smartphones In Journalism

Uğur Gündüz, Nilüfer Pembecioğlu
The Selfies As A Step Forward To Become „More“ And „The Most“ By Giving UP “The Self”

Osakue Stevenson Omoera, Olugbenga Elegbe, Roselyn Vona Doghudje
Gender Politics And Silences On Rape In The Nigerian Films „Tango With Me“ And „Code Of Silence“