Podcasts as an Attractive Educational Tool


Media plays a key role in the learning process. Many listeners, viewers, readers, or visitors of online platforms look to the media as a source of new information to expand their knowledge. With a constantly changing lifestyle that keeps accelerating and putting ever higher demands on people to do several things at once, new media are gaining popularity. One of them is a podcast, which reflects the modern person’s need to do more things at once – that is, to gain new knowledge or to be educated in addition to other activities. The ambition of this study is to focus on podcasts in terms of education and on what this form of media offers to its listeners. In more detail, we want to focus on two specific categories of podcasts – official media and official educational institutions. The main goal of this study is to map and point out how the media and official educational institutions, selected by us, use podcasts for education, what forms they prefer, what the frequency of presented materials is and how they process educational content. We will also focus on evaluating whether and in what form podcasts are offered to users.


Broadcast. Education. Educational Institutions. Media. Podcast. Radio.