The Environmental, Social and Economic Pillar Of Socially Responsible Marketing as a Necessary Condition for Increasing the Competitiveness of Medium-Sized Enterprises in Selected Regions of Slovakia in the Context of Used Media


Corporate social responsibility is one of the most crucial management concepts for companies to integrate into their processes. It is gradually expanding into marketing, in the specific form of socially responsible marketing. As practice illustrates, this concept represents a competitive advantage for businesses that have decided on its application. This step allows them to improve their market position among customers, competitors and investors. At the same time, they can increase their profit, strengthen their brand, minimize employee turnover, increase the influx of new employees, or improve work productivity. Considering the current trends and the ever-increasing pressure from interested parties, analysing the application of this concept has become necessary. This paper aims to analyse the use of socially responsible marketing in particular geographical areas of Slovakia while emphasizing the increasing competitiveness of medium-sized enterprises and the media. The paper presents the results of quantitative research through a questionnaire survey. The submitted paper summarizes the application of socially responsible marketing in Slovakia and discusses future development possibilities in this area.


Competition. Environmental Pillar. Slovak Republic. Socially Responsible Marketing. Sustainability.