Propaganda at Play: A Thematic Analysis of Belarusian Media Narratives in the Context of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Petro Katerynych


This study delves into the narratives employed by Belarusian propaganda during the Russo- Ukrainian War, examining 1,750 news items from Belarusian state media sources and the progovernment Telegram channels from September 1st to November 30th, 2022. The research employs the Looqme methodology, a robust content analysis approach that involves systematically coding and categorizing textual data to identify key thematic blocks and subthemes. The findings reveal a carefully crafted narrative aimed at demonizing Ukraine, promoting alternative realities, and glorifying military service. By portraying the West as a source of instability and danger, the propaganda fosters public support for Belarus’s stance on the conflict. Additionally, the study exposes the use of historical manipulation and reinforcement of negative portrayals through quoting Russian authorities. The study highlights the role of language manipulation and selective presentation of events in shaping public opinion, providing valuable insights for countering disinformation and fostering objective reporting in times of conflict.


Belarus. Belarusian Propaganda. Information Warfare. Media Narratives. Russo-Ukrainian War.