Media Literacy Web Challenges During Five Digital Parliamentary Campaigns in Bulgaria (2021–2023)


Since 2021 the Bulgarians had to go to the polls for five national parliamentary votes (one regular – April 4, 2021 and four early – July 11 and November 14, 2021, October 2, 2022, and April 2, 2023). Internet platforms, social media and especially social networks became increasingly popular channels for politicians to communicate with voters. The aim of the study focuses on the media literacy web challenges during the digital Parliamentary pre-election communication between politicians and society. The object is the specifics of the one-month campaigns. The subject refers to the digital election messages of political parties’ leaders presented in their Facebook profiles. The study is interdisciplinary and it uses mixed research methods. The results are indicative for those interested in digital political communication. The structured and analyzed information can be utilized into patterns for policy support for decision makers, academia, media, telecommunications, media literacy experts, general publics and private sector.


Digital Communication. Facebook. Media Literacy. Pre-election Campaign. Social Networks.