Journalism in Slovakia Five Years After the Murder of Ján Kuciak


February 2023 marked five years since the tragic assassination of Ján Kuciak, an investigative journalist from, and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová. The results of the investigation of the murders revealed the primary motive behind the murder was Kuciak’s dedicated pursuit of investigative journalism. This revelation sparked the consequential societal upheaval and tensions which triggered significant shifts within high-ranking politicians, later leading to governmental crisis. Furthermore, the murder garnered attention and prompted critical discussions within European institutions. As a result, Slovakia, which used to be one of the best countries when it came to Freedom of the Press, dropped down in rankings. This study delves into the farreaching consequences of this event, focusing on the profound political, legislative, and societal transformations that have unfolded in the wake of Kuciak’s murder. These changes have left an indelible mark on journalists, reshaped the landscape of journalism as a profession, and brought changes to Slovak media legislative.


Freedom of Speech of the Journalists. Ján Kuciak. Journalists. Murder. Slovak Media Law. Slovakia.