Family News Talks: Deliberative Communication in Families


The authors of the research study investigated and compared the use of media among young adults (aged 19-24) in Slovakian and Latvian families, along with its potential for fostering deliberative communication both within and outside these family units. The study highlights the very limited interest among young people in actively seeking out quality news sources, with only a small fraction of them consistently visiting reliable news websites, actively searching for high-quality information, and comparing news from various sources. News in the media continues to spark discussions among family members; however, there are still many families who consciously avoid these discussions. Media news continues to incite deliberative discourse within family units, yet a considerable number of families deliberately abstain from engaging in such dialogues. This study discusses the influence of the media environment on content in Latvia and Slovakia. It emphasizes the importance deliberative communication and promoting media and information literacy.


Deliberative Communication. Family Talks. Latvia. Slovakia. Use of News.